Tsachkhuri Hiking Trail

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Tsachkhuri Waterfall 
and Lake Trail


Length: 6,5 Kilometres

About 3 hours at an average pace


Sightseeing: Tsachkhuri Archangel Monastery > Tkhopra Waterfall > Khirzeni Lake.

Municipality: Martvili

Recommended time for travel:April-October.

Type: Hiking trail.

Difficulty: Medium.

Length: 6.5 km from Tsachkhuri Monastery to Khirzeni Lake.

Estimated time of travel: 3 hours.

Minimum/maximum/average height: 580/1037/790 meters above sea level.

Total length of uphill/downhill: 611/589 meters.

Coverage of cellular network: available in some zones.

Availability of drinking and technical water: Drinking water is not available along the trail. Therefore, itis necessary to stock up on water in advance. The rivers are adjacent to the trail.

Description:The trail enables visitors to see unique natural and cultural heritage of Martvili Municipality. Visitors of the trail can visit the Archangel Monastery of Tsachkhuri, the Tkhopra Waterfall located in 500 meters from the monastery and Khirzeni Lake. From the starting point the church to the final section it is necessary to walk 3 kilometers. The trail to the lake is of medium difficulty. The hiking path is mainly the limestone and ground road. The areas adjacent to the trail are rich in biodiversity. The area is mainly represented by beech and hornbeam, as well as typical trees characteristic to Colchian forest with sugarcane and blackberry cover. Of particular note is the final location of the trail, a lake that is located directly in the forest, which begins immediately after the shoreline. Such a lake is extremely rare and is an important ecotourism site.

The surface of the lake is about 5,000 square meters. Two small lakes adjacent to the lake, which are also unique in terms of biodiversity and beauty, are also noteworthy locations. Visitors of the trail can enjoy a well-equipped picnic spot on the way leading from the Tsachkhuri Monastery to the waterfall.

Tsachkhuri (Khirzeni) hiking trail was selected in the village of Tsachkhuri, Salkhino community of Martvili municipality. It is located on the slope of Khirzeni, where the Tsachkhuri Archangel Church and Monastery are located. The starting point of the trail is the area adjacent to the church.

It is 22 kilometers from Martvili center to Tsachkhuri Archangel Church. The road is well asphalted and it takes 30 minutes to reach the destination. The road passes through Martvili Canyon, then village  Zhinota and Salkhino, after which the visitors will reach Tsachkhuri. Originally built in the 7th century, the church was renovated in the 18th century and is preserved to this day. Throughout the year the tourists and pilgrims visit the church, as well as Tsachkhuri waterfall, which is located in 500 meters from the courtyard of the church. It originates from the Tkhopra River. A lake, which is a source of the river is the final destination of the selected trail.

Tsachkhuri Waterfall

Height profile of the hiking trail

Near the monastery and the waterfall, a recreational area for arranging two picnic spots was selected. At present there is a fireplace arranged at the spot. In the future the visitors will be able to enjoy a wellequipped picnic spots.

The selected trail is a one-way route, starting and returning to the same destination, which in most cases crosses the same path. The round trip, full length of the trail is 6.5 kilometers, which takes about 3 hours to complete. The Tsachkhuri trail, like the Oniore Trail, is a medium difficulty trail. Even though the distance of the Tsachkhuri trail compared to Oniore is relatively short, the trail goes through relatively steep slopes. It also is located higher above the sea level. The minimum elevation of the trail is 580 meters, while an average elevation is 790 meters and the highest point is 1,037 meters above the sea level. In some areas the trail has 38% inclination, with an average inclination of the trail being 17%.
From the starting point the church to the final section it is necessary to walk 3 kilometers. The trail to the lake is of medium difficulty. The hiking path is mainly the limestone and ground road. The areas adjacent to the trail are rich in biodiversity. The area is mainly represented by beech and hornbeam, as well as typical trees characteristic to Colchian forest with sugarcane and blackberry cover. Of particular note is the final location of the trail, a lake that is located directly in the forest, which begins immediately after the shoreline. Such a lake is extremely rare and is an important ecotourism site. The surface of the lake is about 5,000 square meters. Two small lakes adjacent to the lake, which are also unique in terms of biodiversity and beauty, are also noteworthy locations.
After reaching the final destination the tourists can enjoy beautiful nature and the lake view. The location will be attractive for birdwatchers as well. In the calm environment of the lake many species of birds can be seen and observed both visually and by hearing.

Final destination of the trail

Going back on the same trail will still be necessary for returning to Tsachkhuri Monastery and waterfall. After returning from the 6.5 kilometer trail, the visitor will be able to rest at a selected recreational area adjacent to the monastery and waterfall.

Tsachkhuri Archangel Church

Tsachkhuri (Khirzeni) hiking trail was selected in the village of Tsachkhuri, Salkhino community of Martvili municipality. It is located on the slope of Khirzeni, where the Tsachkhuri Archangel Church and Monastery are located. Tsachkhuri Church is also called Moske-Tsachkhuri, which means a dairyman. It was built in the 7th century. However, the present hall-type church was built in the 18th century. The liturgy was no longer practiced in the temple from the beginning of the 20th century, but was restored here in the 90’s

The visitor coming to the presented location, in addition to the historical-cultural monument, has the opportunity to enjoy the unique nature. Next to the picnic spot you will find Tkhopra Waterfall, which excites its visitors. Hiking lovers can enjoy the marked trail, the final location of which is Lake Khirzeni. From the shores of the lake begins the Colchian forest, which makes the lake unique. All sections of the trail leading to the lake are different in both landscape and biodiversity and visitors will enjoy hiking the trail.




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