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About District

Tourist Pearls of Zaporizhzhya

Map of Zaporizhzhya
Zaporizhzhia oblast (region) is one of the main centers for development of the economic, industrial, technological and intellectual potential of Ukraine. The region has a long history and rich multicultural heritage. The region’s history starts in ancient times. Archaeological findings in this area demonstrate that the Scythian nomads lived there two or three thousand years ago. Long time ago, the trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks crossed the island of Khortytsia. The region has a favorable economic and geographical position and a developed transportinfrastructure.


Zaporizhzhia oblast is a pearl of the steppe Ukraine. The Vilniansk rayon is one of the rayons in Zaporizhzhia oblast. The landscape is a billowy steppe plain with balkas (denes) going in the direction of the rivers. The Mokra Moskovka River - the left feeder of the Dnipro - is one smaller rivers in Ukraine. Its length is 62 km. Nine ponds were made on the river and there are several small waterfalls.

There are famous granite deposits along the river. Flora and fauna are typical for the steppe zone. 65% of the rayon residents live in villages. Their basic activity is growing crops.

Within the boundaries of the regional center, the city of Zaporizhzhia, there is Khortytsia Island - the place of the historical Zaporizhzhia Cossack freemen. Khortytsia is the largest island on the Dnipro and the largest river island in Europe. Khortytsia Island is a unique natural and historical complex.

Ecotourism is an eco-friendly travel towards intact natural territories in order to explore and admire nature and cultural attractions, which helps to protect the Nature, ensures active participation of local people in social and economic life and gaining benefits from this process.

Ecological tourism combines recreational and educational opportunities, shapes public consciousness in terms of protection and rational use of natural resources. Ecotourism is currently becoming more and more popular, especially among young people and those with active lifestyle, who want to visit interesting places not spending a lot of money. This type of tourism is an adventure; it combines all types of journeys associated with active methods of travelling and outdoor recreation activities aimed at obtaining new sensations, impressions, and getting fit. The development of ecological tourism helps to create a good touristic image of the region, contributing to increase in domestic and international tourist flow.


Zaporizhzhia oblast has very favorable conditions for the development of ecotourism potential. The development of eco-tourism enables reducing man-made burden on an individual by changing one’s behavior and encouraging to visit places with unchanged or slightly changed natural environment. Developing ecotourism infrastructure preserves untouched, “pristine” nature, helps meet the needs of visitors, benefits the local community and opens up opportunities to provide money to local budgets.


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