Tour Package: Zaporizhzhya Ukraine - SAKRAL NA KHORTYTSYA

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Tourist Pearls of Zaporizhzhya Region


Welcome to Ukraine!


1. DAY

Arrival to the International airport of Zaporizhzhya.
From the airport you can get the city by bus or taxi. Distance from Zaporizhzhya airport to the city centre - 15 km.
Сheck-in at the Hotel. (You can choose one of numerous hotels or hostels in the city center within walking distance from the main sites of visit).

 Visit to the Dneproges Dam with a view of the Dnieper River and Khortytsya Island
 Museum of the History of Weapons.
 Hlynka Concert Hall.
 Walking along the Evening Shevchenko Boulevard.
 Lviv Handmade Chocolate. The famous Ukrainian handmade chocolate shop, here you can also take part in a master class of making sweets.
 Mayakovsky Square. Nearby you can visit the P'yanaVyshniya bar of traditional Ukrainian cherry tincture.

*In Zaporizhzhya you can pay using both MasterCard & Visa as well as Apple & Google pay.
Before your trip please check with your bank if international payments are allowed with your card.


2. DAY

One-Day Cycling Route SakralʹnaKhortytsyaOnKhortytsya Island:
Starting point: Max Grant Center. 

Preobrazhenskybridge, the Cossack Mamai monument, along the forest road To the historical and cultural monument ZaporizhzhyaSich, visiting the ancient sanctuaries of Triglav, Egg and others. Taras path along the Dnieper river. The oldest oak tree on Khortytsia Island, maple alley, redoubts of the Russian-Turkish war.

Memorial to the fighters for freedom of Ukraine. Khortitsa National Academy. Tourist beach, visiting the highest point of Khortitsia Island with the view of the city. Historical and cultural complex Scythian state, bays and ponds, place of observation of birds and animals. Protovche Memorial and Tourist Complex, Zaporizhzhya Cossacks Equestrian Theater, "Chaika" Shipping Museum, Ukrainian National Cuisine Restaurant, South Beach.

*On Saturday and Sunday you can visit theatrical performance of martial arts "Sich Cossacks" on the island of Khortytsia.
Here cycle tourists can receive the following services: WC; Opportunity to recharge electronic devices (phone, tablet); Souvenirs.

One-Day Cycling Routes SakralʹnaKhortytsya On Khortytsya Island:

1-light-blue 41,3 km:
The length of the route is 41.3km. The route is laid along the Dnieper River. The path runs along paved roads, along with trails, trails and beaches. The route provides branches from the main route to some interesting places. The total duration is 10 hours.

2-yellow 36,9km:
The length of the route is 36.9km. The trail passes some spots on beaches and trails, which can be difficult during the season. The total duration is 9 hours.

3-green 36,3 km:
The length of the route is 36.3km. The route makes maximum use of paved roads and can be used not only for bicycles but also for other small electric vehicles. The total duration is 8 hours.


3. DAY

 Sightseeing boat trip on the Dnieper River around the island of Khortytsya (passing through the Dnieprohes Gate).
 Watching birds on the rocks, view of the ZaporizhzhyaSich from the water, visiting the city beach.
 Voznesenivskyi Park (Rainbow Park), Park Peremohy.
 Children's Park Zaporizhzhya City Botanical Garden.
 Lunch on the beach (you can use the ready-made food delivery service).
 Cafe LvivskiPlyatsky, here you can take part in a master class of making Strudel.
 Coffee shops of the third wave in Zaporizhzhya. The best coffee and deserts for the guests of the city.
 Excursion-tasting "Wine and snails" in Zaporozhzhya.
 Rope jumping. 3 seconds of free fall from the bridge.
 Mennonite colony Rosenthal.

Museums: Boguslaev Museum of Technology, Museum of local lore, Museum of retro cars "Phaethon", Museum of Architecture of Zaporozhzhya, Art Gallery.
Industrial tourism: excursion to the Zaporizhstal Factory.

4. DAY

Green tourism on the island of Khortitsya and the Dnieper River.

 Rock climbing on the Khortitsyaisland.
 Excursion "Night on Khortytsya", immersion in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.
 kayak tour "Khortytskekolo" along forty-meter cliffs and through ravine forests.
 Snake Cave on the Khortitsyaisland.
 Evening kayak rendezvous.
 Paddle boarding
 Zaporizhzhya Amazon. Excursion on kayaks through the flooded labyrinths of the VelykyiLuh.


5. DAY

Transfer to the International airport of Zaporizhzhya.


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Tour Package: Zaporizhzhya Ukraine - PERLYNY STEPOVOYIUKRAYINY
Tour Package: Zaporizhzhya Ukraine - PERLYNY STEPOVOYIUKRAYINY

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