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Tour in the city of Xanthi and the Old Town Xanthi.


Arrival and check-in at the Hotel

The Mistress of Xanthi!

It is built amphitheatrically at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains. The river Kosynthos divides the city of Xanthi into two parts, the western part which includes the Old Town and the New Town and the eastern part, that includes the settlement of “Samakov” and the stadium area.

The Old Town of Xanthi was designated as a traditional settlement in 1976 and is one of the best preserved architectural ensembles in all of Macedonia and Thrace.

Walking up the narrow cobbled streets you will enjoy the traditional houses, the historic neoclassical houses and small gardens that take you back in time. At a time when her nobility was renowned throughout Europe. Several mansions and remarkable houses of tobacco merchants and workers' houses are preserved to this day.

Walking around the Old Town you will find important sights such as the Folklore Museum which was built in 1870 and belonged to the Kouyoumtzoglou family. The old Town Hall of Xanthi, the Municipal Gallery, the house where the leading Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis was born and lived his early years. The Metropolitan Hall in Mitropoleos Square, the mansion of Stalios where today the kindergarten of the area is housed.

Having experienced and walked through the narrow streets of the Old Town, you can then enjoy your coffee and food in the modern city that is full of life. The evening is free to any visitor to enjoy the nightlife in the city. If you are in September you will have the opportunity to experience the Old Town Festivals.





North of the prefecture of Xanthi, the mountainous area is famous for its virgin forests, mountain peaks and waterfalls.

In the Rhodope mountain range, north of the prefecture of Xanthi, there is the Haidou forest. Haidou is the southern part of Mount Koula and is located north of the valley of Nestos. Gyftokastro (1827 m) is the highest peak of Haidou and Thrace, right on the border with Bulgaria. The pristine forest of Haidou and the impressive waterfalls of Livaditis are an attraction for researchers who can observe rare species of fauna and flora. 102 species of birds breed in the forest ecosystems of the wider area.

Since 1980, a significant part of the forest, about 180 acres, has been designated as a "Monument of Nature" and is a protected area.

Cycling and hiking

The activity starts from the Forest Village of Erymanthos which is located 8 km after the village of Livaditis. The routes are combined.

Suggested route: forest village - waterfall pavilion - Livaditis waterfall

The route starts with a bike ride to the waterfall pavilion. This is where the visitor stops to leave the bike and the driver locks it. Then they continue to the impressive waterfall of Livaditis, which is the largest in the Balkans in terms of momentum and volume of water falling.

No matter how many photos you take, no matter how long you sit and enjoy it, it's never enough to satisfy you. Each time it offers different feelings and thoughts. So when you have had your fill of this unique spectacle, it is time to return.

Total duration: approximately 4 hours (13.3km)
Level of difficulty: easy Return to Karyofyto.

The village is built in a green landscape and is known in the region for its traditional architecture. From one end to the other there are old mansions and stone-built houses, which attract the eyes. One of the places that the visitor must see is of course the old stone arched bridge.

Another characteristic of the architecture of the village is the old stone-built cobbled streets. They are made of wedged stones and connect the older neighborhoods of the village.

In the village there is the old watermill for visitors to see how the inhabitants used it in the past years. Arriving at the time of eating there you will taste the delicious food in the taverns that the owners operate with taste and love for their place.

Return in the evening for rest at the hotel or free time in the city for the adventurous.




Kayaking in the straits of river Nestos- Galani, Toxotes


A stunning 22km route from Stavroupoli to Toxotes. The activity begins with a meeting with the guides at the base located in the village of Toxotes. There, together with the attendant, the visitor is directed (on foot) to the Railway Station of Toxotes from where the departure at 08:30 by train to Stavroupoli. After about half an hour the visitor arrives at Stavroupolis Railway Station and from there walks to the base in Stavroupolis.

After picking up the necessary equipment, you set off by car to the starting point of the activity.
After a short briefing on the techniques of canoeing we start the descent of the river crossing the famous straits of Nestos and the beautiful Aesthetic Forest.
First stop for rest shortly after the abandoned station of Liberia.

The magic of nature seduces the senses. Countless shades of green all around, as the river flows quietly through the forest. Having covered 2/3 of the route, another stop is made for a swim in the cool waters of the river, a picnic and a coffee on the sandy beach and then the descent continues to Galani. From there we move by vehicles back to the Archer Base.

Total duration of descent: 5 hours
Total duration: 8 hours

There, the visitor completes his magical and full of experiences day in the restaurants of Toxotes with freshly prepared traditional Greek cuisine.

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