Stavroupoli Bicycle Route B1

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Stavroupoli Bicycle Route B1

Information on Route

Circular Yes

Length 13.7 km / 2h

Degree of difficulty Very easy

 Minimum altitude 60 m

Circular 125 m

Points of interest Folklore Museum (Stavroupoli), River Nestos, Holy Monastery of Komnina, Macedonian Tomb

Stavroupoli - Nestos - Holy Monastery of Komnina - Komnina - Stavroupoli (13.7 km)

The route starts from the square of the settlement of Stavroupoli and goes to the riparian area of Nestos, then continues to the Holy Monastery of Komnina, continues and ends at the point where it started, that is, in the square of Stavroupoli. The estimated time is 2 hours and the journey is very easy.


Route B1 | Asphalt Provincial Network - Dirt road - Path

The route starts from the square of the settlement of Stavroupoli, therefore initially it moves on an asphalt provincial network, to the point where it approaches the river Nestos, continues on a dirt road (good walkability) and then on a steep path until it reaches again a landfill which passes through arable land. Upon his return, the cyclist enters again on an asphalt provincial network up to Stavroupoli square. It is easy to reach the route in many places via road network, as the route moves on it.

Routes and Points of Interest

The cycling route starting and ending in Stavroupoli has very gentle slopes and is suitable for everyone. A large part of it moves on a smooth dirt road covered with trees, parallel to Nestos, in a landscape of special natural beauty and significant environmental value. At the 2nd km the visitor meets organized space with benches and kiosks. Then, at the 9th km, he/she can find food, water and places to rest in the settlement of Komnina. 

At the 4th km the route intersects with a third dirt road, on the left, which the cyclist can follow if he/ she wants to return to Stavroupoli forming a shorter circular route, with a total length of about 6 km. The route is also of cultural interest as those that are interested can visit the museum of Stavroupoli, the Holy Monastery of Komnina at the 7th km and the Macedonian Tomb at the 10th km.

Folklore Museum of Stavroupoli

The Folklore Museum of Stavroupoli in the Prefecture of Xanthi was founded in 1944 on the private initiative of Stavros Karabatzakis, who for years collected in the traditional cafe of the village various objects, samples of a past era and everyday life, which were rendered useless by the rapid development of industry and technology. The collection is a work of fifty years and has been housed since 2001 on the first floor of the municipal building of the former Municipal Tobacco Corporation building.

Visitable  ναι / Yes
Contact phone +30 / 2542 350 100

Holy Monastery of Komnenos

The Holy Monastery of Constantine and Helen Komnenos, is located in Komnina and it is a part of the Holy Monastery of Kalamos. It was built in 1947 on the ruins of a 5th century Byzantine Monastery. It is accessible via a dirt road and at a distance of 1. 800 meters from the village. There is only one nun from Jordan left in the monastery named Nektaria, who looks after the place and welcomes visitors with kindness.

Visitable Yes
Contact phone +30 / 2542 021 008


Macedonian Tomb

The tomb of Stavroupoli is the largest, best preserved and most impressive Macedonian tomb in Thrace. It is located south of the city, at a short distance from the road that leads to Komnina. Based on its architectural form and the few findings that were existed inside, it dates back to the first half of the 2nd century (BC). It is possible that it is connected with a settlement, located 500 m southern, at the site of Mytikas at Komnina, and has a long lifespan, from the Early Iron Age (9th - 8th century BC) to the Byzantine period.

Visitable Yes
The monument can be visited, by appointment from 8:00 to 15:00

Contact phone 25410 51003, 25410 51783
Ephorate of Antiquities of Xanthi.




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