Martvili Canyon Kaghu Waterfall Bicycle Trail

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Martvili Canyon

Kaghu Waterfall Bicycle Trail


Length: 6,7 Kilometres

About 30 minutes
at an average pace



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Martvili Canyon – Kaghu Waterfall Bicycle Trail 


Municipality: Martvili.

Recommended time for travel: March-November.

Type: Bicycle trail.

Difficulty: Easy.

Length: 6.7 km from Martvili Canyonto Kaghu Waterfall.

Estimated time of travel: 30 minutes.

height: 235/368/299 above sea level.

Total length of uphill/downhill: 176/298 meters.

Coverage of cellular network: Available in most zones.

Availability of drinking and technical water: One spring is located on the trail. Visitors can buy water in shops located along the trail.


Remarks: The trail follows the asphalted road and there is sufficient space for cycling. In some areas cyclists need to cross the road and in these areas maximum caution must be applied. During nighttime cyclists are advised to use special equipment to increase their visibility to drivers.

Description: This trail is an extension of the first bicycle trail. Compared to the first trail the terrain is harder, but still suitable for amateurs and does not require significant cycling experience and special physical trainings. The trail leading to Kaghu Waterfall will pass through Balda Monastery and Balda Canyon. The bicycle trail is linked with the Oniore Waterfall hiking trail and visitors can enjoy unique nature, rest at picnic spots and use the bird-watching tower. 


The second selected bicycle trail runs from Martvili canyon to Kaghu waterfall and is the continuation of the first trail. Cyclists on the canyon will be able to learn the information and continue their way to Kaghu waterfall. Length of the trail is 6.7 kilometers. Compared to the first trail, the section leading to Kaghu waterfall is relatively difficult. The average altitude here is 299 meters above sea level, with an inclination of 6.1%.

The trail leading to Kaghu waterfall will also pass through the Balda Monastery, which the visitors traveling along the trail will be able to visit. Cyclists will travel 12 kilometers from the waterfall to the center of Martvili.


 Height profile of the hiking trail


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Martvili Center – Martvili Canyon Bicycle Trail

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