Local Tastes: Teke Village

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At the entrance of the Teke village on the Şile Ağva forest road, there are stalls where you can buy local animal products such as fruits, vegetables, milk and eggs produced by the village people. The Teke village, located on the highway from Yeniköy to Yazımanayır, welcomes many visitors, especially on weekends. There are many facilities in and around the village in greenery.

Although the importance of charcoal in the economy of the region has decreased today, the Teke village, which is located at the intersection of the main roads, continues to maintain its commercial importance. Since it is located on the edge of the main artery, the Teke village has a commercial history by selling agricultural products to passengers and tourists. The people of the Teke village do small-scale agriculture, meet their own needs and earn money with roadside stalls.


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