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Ağva, one of the attractive corners of Şile, is intertwined with the sea and rivers. Ağva, which means “village established between two creeks” in Latin, is located on the coastal plain formed by itself and the Göksu River in the west of the mouth of the Yeşilçay Stream. Due to Yeşilçay’s natural harbour feature, this place has been a loading place for freight boats for centuries.

Kilimli, in the east of Ağva, is one of the most photographed places.

Due to sea trade, Ağva is more developed than other settlements. Today, this trade has been replaced by tourism. Instead of the boats that once carried wood and charcoal, there are now boats that take tourists in Göksu and Yeşilçay creeks. The greetings of the captains as their boats sail along Göksu reflect the smiling face of the region. Tourism along the river is quite developed in Ağva. Many boutique hotels and accommodation facilities on the shores of Göksu Creek host crowded tourist groups, especially at the weekends.

Distance between Şile and Ağva is approximately 40 kilometres. The last stop of buses from Istanbul to Şile is Ağva. There are minibus services to Ağva from Kocaeli’s Kandıra and Gebze districts.

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